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About Abijan Exchange

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Abijan Exchange is a subsidiary of Abijan Nigeria Enterprises.
Who we are?
We are a leading ecurrency exchange provider, keeping the lowest ecurrency exchange rates in the long run, and having the least customer complaints. We drive the market by offering fluctuating rates in our automated digital currency exchange, giving our customers the opportunity to exchange digital currencies instantly. We give start-up exchangers the lowest possible wholesale price for buying and selling Liberty Reserve, so that they can find their market and grow. This year, we are going to launch a payment system for merchants and clients wishing to hold funds and pay invoices, and be able to exchange to and from digital currencies instantly.

What we are Offering

We are the only company offering flexible market rates for ecurrency to ecurrency exchanges and we plan to expand flexible market rates to bank-to-ecurrency and ecurrency-to-bank exchanges, so that lowest rates are guaranteed at all times. We are also adopting digital signing procedures.

Why are we different?

We are one of the largest ecurrency traders providing services to large companies as well as to any client wishing to exchange a small amount. Our customers have always up-to-date information about their orders thanks to our order-tracking facility. Incoming and outgoing payments are always processed on the same business day.